About The Blog

Hi! My name is Emma. I am 28 years old and I am a photographer/graphic designer from the UK. Autumn is my season, foxes are my favourite animal and I am a metalhead... I have also been diagnosed with depression and anxiety since 2012. 


I have been on this mental health journey for a long time but have only found the courage in recent years to talk more openly about my experiences, with the hopes that, by opening up, I may help others to feel a little more understood.


I will be sharing my own experiences, advice that I have found helpful and information about various topics. I am not a trained mental health professional (though I plan to change that), but I find the inner workings of the human brain fascinating and hope that my pursuit of answers or exploration of my ever-changing moods may shed some light on how my own thought processes work (and maybe yours too). I also hope to feature guest blogs in the near future (if you would like to be featured then please get in touch).

This blog came about when I wrote a piece for a mental health organisation and simply wanted to do it more. I've wanted to write about my experience for a while but never took the leap due to fear of judgement and the vulnerability of exposing myself to others.

The older I get the more I realise that mental health issues are far more common than I always believed. The more I've talked to others around me, I've found that we share many similar experiences and this brings us closer together. The more I've talked about what has happened to me gives others confidence to open up about what's happened to them. I've realised that engaging in this conversation (with the right language and support) I might actually be able to help others feel less alone.

Ultimately, the aim of this blog is to create a positive space. One that builds others up and shows us how we are indeed capable of so much more than we realise... and above all, despite our illnesses, keeps us hopeful and optimistic that things will get better.